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howdy all

2011-05-06 11:14:34 by MrCumz

Thanks for loving boobs and apparently my art... Anyway moving on

Ok for some reason people like the porn i draw.. i personally dont think im any good at drawing girls but you all like it and have bin nice with all the feedback.. Now i ask one think of you.. Tell me what ells i can fix or improve on. all of your help would be wonderful.


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2011-05-08 21:44:19

lol umm i dont think hair grows on nuts


2011-06-06 22:16:07

change your name to mr.jizz lol

MrCumz responds:

good one


2011-12-12 13:19:10



2012-10-21 22:04:59

you need to do pony porn T_T

MrCumz responds:

sorry i dont do furry. but if you pay me enough ill do it. Yep, im a whore.